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Fall 2022/ Winter 2023 Tour Schedule


If you do not see your requested city, please call and/or email the office.  Additional cities as well as dates may be added.

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Performance Time: shows begin at 10:30am. ENCORE!! runs 1 hour 45 mins, and includes all five stories and an excerpt from The Raven.


Price: Price per seat is based on group size. 

Seats: 1-299: $21.95     300+: $18.95

One complimentary seat provided per 20 paid seats. No Refunds or cancellations within 21 days. For emergency COVID-19 related issues please contact the office directly. 

Content, locations, dates, and times subject to change 


Private Performances: CTP is available to perform at your school or organization. Call us for current rates and availability. 


Adaptations: Heart & Frog: Ted Davis; Necklace: John Edwards; Monkey’s Paw and Raven: Martin O’ Hearn; Sleepy Hollow: Patricia Sankus

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