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At Chamber Theatre Productions we offer three full length educational theatrical productions




Our most popular language arts production, ENCORE!! Each of the five stories in this collection has a flavor that highlights the versatility of five great authors!

An Original Two-Act play, featuring five entertaining short stories in our exciting production of CLASSICS!


Be visited by some of the luminaries of the mathematical world, including Albert Einstein, Blaise Pascal, Lady Ada Lovelace and Pythagoras!

Listen to our audio clips!

The Monkey's Paw
The Raven
Eureka! (1)
Eureka! (3)
Eureka! (2)
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what people say ...  

“If I were limited to only one field trip per year, this would be it!!”

 -Ms. Kay Hart Scotts,

Hill High School, Reagan, TN

Design, Illustration, and Animation by Justin Dormitzer

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